Purpose of Subgroups

One of the key objectives of the Weightless SIG is to work up then finalise the Weightless standard.

Development of the standard will be enabled by Sub-Groups. These are currently established for the Applications Layer, MAC Layer, PHYsical Layer, Regulatory, Security and Test & Certification topic areas together with a Specification Review Sub-Group formed during the Second Plenary Conference to ensure ‘content’ is to a high and consistent standard. Other Sub-Groups may be formed over time as needed.

Each Sub-Group has a chairperson and other formal positions as necessary. The drafting Sub-Groups are expected to provide Change Request documents for the Weightless Specification at the quarterly Plenary Meetings/Developers Conferences, at which proposed changes and additions to the specification are set out.

The input from each of the Sub-Groups is considered at the latter meetings, giving all members an overview of changes proposed and the opportunity to debate any changes of concern, in particular those that have implications beyond the Sub-Group that drafted them.

Sub-Group membership is open to Core and Promoter members only on completion of the Weightless Terminal Licence Agreement.

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