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Weightless-N Open Standard IoT networks deploy in Europe

posted: Tuesday 14th July 2015

Nwave Smart City networks go live in Denmark

Cambridge, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark - July 14, 2015 - The Weightless SIG today announced the deployment of Weightless-N Smart City networks from Nwave Technologies across Copenhagen and the south of Denmark around the city of Esbjerg. Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and largest city and Esbjerg the second largest port city and a leading European offshore energy industry centre.

Nwave Technologies is collaborating with leading Accelerator organisations, Accelerace Management and Next Step City, in Denmark to roll out the country’s first Smart City networks. This announcement follows the recent publication of version 1.0 of the new Weightless-N open standard based on the low power wide area star network (LPWAN) architecture and the subsequent Weightless network deployment across London, England.

Operating in sub-1GHz, licence-exempt ISM spectrum using ultra narrow band (UNB) technology, Weightless-N offers best-in-class signal propagation characteristics, leading to excellent range of several kilometres, even in challenging urban environments. Very low power consumption provides for exceptionally long battery life measured in years from small conventional cells, and leading edge innovation in design minimises both terminal hardware and network costs.

Commenting on the new Internet of Things (IoT) networks Christian Hvashøj Schaarup from Accelerace Management explained that “Nwave’s open standard approach is of critical importance to both commercial and municipal adopters” adding that “The Weightless Open Standard model provides reassurance to users that the technology will not lock them into dependence on a single vendor”.

Asked about a recent announcement from a vendor of proprietary IoT technology in Denmark, Jes Nordentoft from Accelerace Management commented “We are aware of this claim and it is somewhat premature – it is a proposal only” adding “that proposed technology is proprietary and users would be tied to a single operator - with the operator referenced being little more than a startup seeking funds to deploy a network”.

Yury Birchenko, CEO of Nwave Technologies, described the networks as “a groundbreaking milestone – the first public network deployments from Nwave since the publication of the Weightless-N open standard”.

Weightless-N is designed around a differential binary phase shift keying (DBPSK) digital modulation scheme to transmit within narrow frequency bands using a frequency hopping algorithm for interference mitigation and enhanced security. It provides for encryption and implicit authentication using a shared secret key regime to encode transmitted information via a 128 bit AES algorithm. The technology supports mobility with the network automatically routing terminal messages to the correct destination. Multiple networks, typically operated by different companies, are enabled and can be co-located. Each base station queries a central database to determine which network the terminal is registered to in order to decode and route data accordingly.

The complete specification is available to Weightless SIG Members for immediate download from the organisation’s website.


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