Why Should I Sign Up?

The Weightless SIG is a global, democratic, non-profit, member based organisation. It develops open standard IoT connectivity technology, manages IPR, coordinates test and certification services and licenses the use of Weightless IP to Members. It exists to support the interests of Members, to promote world class IoT connectivity solutions to the development community and to bring together companies with design requirements and those with design capabilities. So how will your company fit into the Weightless SIG?

There are compelling reasons for joining the Weightless SIG aligning with your company’s business model and strategy for engaging with the Internet of Things. Members are signatories to an agreement providing full access to Weightless technology free from IPR conflict; you can use Weightless IP on a royalty free basis to produce and sell Weightless compliant product.

Whether you want to use Weightless technologies in your own projects, to influence the development of Weightless technologies, reach out to the Weightless ecosystem to offer your companies products, operate Weightless networks or to provide design support services to other companies developing IoT products using Weightless technologies, there’s a specific membership category for you.

Companies wishing to use Weightless technologies in their own IoT projects typically join as an Associate Member. If you are intending to develop your first IoT application and have a particular project in mind then Weightless Associate membership is the way to go.

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Developing and bringing an IoT product to market can involve a complex set of requirements - don't worry, we're here to help. We are developing a Weightless Vendor network to connect companies with IoT related product to developers needing introductions to high quality suppliers.

More about Weightless Vendors here

A key part of the philosophy of an open standard is the democratic process in which it is developed and continues to evolve in the interests of all adopters. Weightless standards are no different - many organisations have contributed to the development of existing IP and retain an ongoing interest. Companies with an interest in influencing the future direction of Weightless technologies should consider Core membership.

More about Core membership here

Larger organisations with a core strategic commitment to the Internet of Things industry and marketplace should consider Weightless SIG membership at a Promoter level. Promoters have board level representation, joining Accenture and ARM, and significant influence over Weightless SIG strategy.

The three membership categories are summarised below.

Benefits of becoming an Associate Member

  • Full access to Weightless specification
  • A way to “test the water” at low cost
  • Access to Weightless SIG marketing services
  • Clear link to the Standard

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Benefits of becoming a Weightless Vendor

  • Intelligent introductions to relevant developers
  • Effective marketing communications channel
  • Highly targeted audience
  • Ongoing sustainable programme
  • Prospect details ported directly to your sales channel

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Benefits of becoming a Weightless Core Member

  • Able to influence the direction and details of the specification
  • Able to work in sub-groups including taking key positions
  • Able to participate in Plenary Conferences
  • Advance sight of working documents and proposed changes to the specification
  • Clear link to the standard at a high level

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Benefits of becoming a Weightless Promoter

  • Greatest ability to influence the direction and details of the specification
  • Able to set strategy and future direction of the Weightless SIG
  • Able to influence which other companies join as Promoters
  • Limited number of Board positions available
  • Clear link to the Standard at the highest level

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