Why Should I Sign Up?

Weightless SIG membership

The Weightless SIG is a global, democratic, non-profit, member based organisation. It develops open standard IoT connectivity technology, manages IPR, coordinates test and certification services and licenses the use of Weightless IP to Members. It exists to support the interests of Members and to promote world class IoT connectivity solutions to the development community.

Weightless Developers sign an agreement providing full access to Weightless technology free from IPR conflict; you can use Weightless IP on a royalty free basis to produce and sell Weightless compliant product. Weightless Developers also benefit from a number of very significant offers exclusive to members.

Other membership options are available to applicants with specific requirements such as operators, vendors of relevant equipment or services (batteries, antennas, software, consultancy etc.), or organisations with an interest in developing a strategic alliance with the Weightless SIG or contributing to the Standard. Contact us at info@weightless.org to discuss.