Weightless Core

In addition to the benefits conferred on Weightless Developers, Core Members are entitled to participate in the process of Weightless standards development. Core Members are able to directly influence the strategic direction of both existing and future Standards. Core Members may nominate company representatives to participate in any of the Weightless SIG Sub-Groups and to propose candidates for the role of Sub-Group Chairs. Groups are currently established for the Applications Layer, MAC Layer, PHYsical Layer, Regulatory, Security and Test & Certification topic areas together with a Specification Review Sub-Group. Other Sub-Groups will be formed as required.

Core Members of the Weightless SIG are entitled to use Weightless IP on a royalty free basis. Members may develop and sell products that are compliant with any Weightless Standards.

Full access to all current and future Weightless specifications, including all revisions and new versions of existing Standards, as well as any new Standards, is provided to Weightless Developers throughout the period of membership. Core Members are entitled to advance access to specifications under development.

Core Members have automatic access to the Weightless test and certification programme enabling adopters to qualify products (compliance and interoperability) and to make them available on a commercial basis. Weightless SIG Members may use the Weightless mark in marketing materials to identify compliant and interoperable certified products.

Core Members may choose to list their products publicly on the Weightless website and benefit from global publicity through Weightless marketing initiatives to reach customers, development partners, finance partners, application developers, system integrators, distributors etc.

Core Members are signatories to the Weightless Terminal Licence Agreement.

The full cost of Core membership is GBP£14000 p.a. with discounts available for smaller companies. The size of the company is defined by its latest statutory reported turnover. Companies with a turnover of GBP£10m or less are entitled to a 50% discount; companies with a turnover of GBP£1m or less are entitled to a 75% discount.

Companies with a turnover of more than GBP£10m p.a. pay GBP14000 p.a.

Companies with a turnover of less than GBP£10m p.a. pay GBP£7000 p.a.

Companies with a turnover of less than GBP£1m p.a. pay GBP£3500 p.a.

To discuss or apply for Core Membership of the Weightless SIG, please contact us at info@weightless.org.