Industrial grade reliability

Choosing a LPWAN technology has traditionally involved a compromise - high performance, high cost and high power consumption from cellular based technologies operating in licensed spectrum, or more modest performance from a low cost, low power technology in licence exempt bands. Today the decision will typically be driven by the use case; where cost and power consumption are not critical and where Quality of Service and reliability are priorities then the larger amounts of licensed spectrum with less restriction on transmit power suggests 3GPP technologies. But Weightless represents a game changer with its ‘clean slate’ design philosophy. By leveraging proven concepts from cellular technologies with a robust and tailored MAC and PHY, Weightless brings carrier grade performance at a low cost, low complexity price point. Indeed, Weightless-P supports licensed spectrum operation meeting mandatory selectivity/blocking performance requirements ensuring good coexistence in licensed bands without any protocol changes. Across all spectrums, including sub-GHz bands, Weightless offers industrial grade reliability.