Long range in urban environment

Range is frequently cited as one of the key parameters of an IoT system, especially in challenging conditions such as dense urban environments and in locations where the antenna position is compromised such as inside a building. LPWAN technologies are commonly promoted with varying claims with respect to range but the reality is that all technologies operating in sub-GHz unlicensed spectrum are subject to the same conditions, regulations and laws of physics. Range is ultimately determined by signal path, link budget, antenna size, quality, position and location, data rate and transmission power. Lower data rates with channel coding provide for a similar link budget to alternative LPWAN technologies and so achieve a typical range of 2km in an urban environment. In reality it is only possible to offer a typical range - a more accurate claim would require actual modelling in the specific environment. Weightless is specified with a realistic range in a dense urban environment which is closer to that achievable from all licence exempt LPWAN technologies.

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