Quality of Service

Fully acknowledged transmissions

LPWAN technologies fall into three categories - uplink only, uplink and partial downlink capability and 100% fully acknowledged transmissions. Weightless supports full acknowledgement of all transmissions where required. Some alternative LPWAN technologies offer downlink capabilities limited to a very small proportion of transmissions meaning that reliability and QoS is compromised. Weightless also supports acknowledged and unacknowledged unicast and multicast traffic. It offers a flexible acknowledgement scheme including deferred and combined acknowledgement for improved resource usage. It also supports both network originated and device originated traffic with paging capacity and low latency in both uplink and downlink. It enables fast network acquisition, Forward Error Correction (FEC), Automatic Retransmission Request (ARQ), Adaptive Channel Coding (ACC), handover, roaming and cell re-selection. Real bidirectional capability also supports over-the-air firmware upgrade and security key negotiation or replacement.