Low cost & complexity

In most IoT use cases commercial feasibility, and therefore cost, is one of the most important criteria for adopters. It is one of the key factors in the decision to use LPWAN technologies in licence exempt spectrum rather than the considerably more complex and higher cost cellular M2M or forthcoming NB-IOT alternative. This decision usually involves a technical compromise but Weightless actually offers near 3GPP grade performance - without a cost penalty. Intelligent clean slate design borrowing from proven cellular techniques and a no-compromise innovative philosophy delivers premium LPWAN technology at a low end price point. Quasi-symmetrical two-way communication with all of the intrinsic advantages this offers is core to Weightless technology but delivered for the same cost as simple unidirectional alternatives. Standard GMSK and offset-QPSK modulation means broad availability of hardware without dependency on a single vendor, consistent with the open standard Weightless ethos, and a maximal 17dBm transmit power enables the use of an integrated power amplifier minimising BoM cost of terminals.