A defining moment – the first chipset emerges

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In the development of a new wireless technology there are a number of key milestones. The first is the announcement of the concept. Then, after years of hard work comes the publication of the final version of the standard. But the technology does not become reality until the first dedicated chipset appears, enabling the vision to fully be realised. After this the milestones are numeric – the thousandth member of the SIG, the millionth device installed and so on.

But like many things in life, defining moments and not completely clear-cut. Chipsets initially arrive in small quantities for testing. They undergo revision and are available for sampling – use for development activities by others. Then they finally become available in quantity. Initial versions are “pre-standard”, based on earlier versions of the standard, with modifications made as the standard settles down. Getting volume production of a “v1.0” standard chipset is what many look for, but this does not happen without the earlier stages of testing, sampling and pre-standard updating.

We are now at the start of this stage of Weightless’ journey towards becoming the global standard for mobile communications. This week [change as needed], one of the promoters of Weightless – Neul – announced that it had started testing its first Weightless chipset called “Iceni”. Initial results look very promising. There are still many months and a number of hurdles to go before volume production – but being able to hold a Weightless chip makes it all seem so much more real. Weightless really is more than just paper.

Neul will not be the only supplier of chipsets and Iceni will not be the fastest, cheapest or most powerful of the Weightless chips that emerge in due course. But it is the first, and that is special.

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