Low cost LPWAN technology

The Weightless-N open standard is based on a low power wide area (LPWAN) star network architecture. It operates in sub-GHz spectrum using ultra narrow band (UNB) technology. Weightless-N offers a claimed range of several kilometres even in urban environments. Very low power consumption provides for long battery life from small conventional cells and minimal terminal hardware and network costs.

Weightless-N is designed around a differential binary phase shift keying (DBPSK) digital modulation scheme to transmit within narrow frequency bands using a frequency hopping algorithm for interference mitigation. It provides for encryption and implicit authentication using a shared secret key regime to encode transmitted information via a 128 bit AES algorithm. The technology supports mobility with the network automatically routing terminal messages to the correct destination. Multiple networks, typically operated by different companies, are enabled and can be co-located. Each base station queries a central database to determine which network the terminal is registered to in order to decode and route data accordingly.

Looking for higher performance? Weightless-P is our flagship technology standard.