We’re evolving fast and wanted to share some key developments with you. But first a little background for both our loyal followers as well as those of you who have joined us more recently.

When we set out on this journey in 2010 it was with a vision to enable IoT connectivity using technology in TV white space spectrum, indeed that is how the early Weightless SIG came to be defined, in terms of the frequency bands in which our first generation technology operated. It’s fine spectrum too - low frequency and plenty of it. And it hasn’t gone away, the Standard exists now as Weightless-W and we will continue to support it as access around the world opens up. But, as we all now know, the regulatory ecosystem did not develop as rapidly as was initially anticipated by Weightless’ initial champions, Neul, now Huawei. And so it was that in 2014 Weightless embraced different sub-1GHz licence exempt spectrum, typically known in most markets at ISM bands. In September 2014 we announced the Weightless-N development programme. In October we announced that Nwave Technologies had joined the Weightless SIG to work alongside the Core Members, contribute valuable IP and expertise, and ultimately to help fast-track the Weightless-N development work. We also committed back then to a delivery timeframe of Q2 this year. Fast forward to last month, May 5, and we published version 1.0, the complete specification, of the Weightless-N Standard. Brilliant - so what?

The future starts here

For our long term followers and those who may have discovered Weightless more recently, this is an extremely exciting time. It’s a threshold moment for Weightless and things are developing fast - now is the time to engage. And so we wanted to provide you with a timely update. From now on we intend to be communicating with you on a much more regular basis - bringing you up to date information on Weightless technology, helping you to understand how it can benefit you and putting breaking news right in your inbox. If LPWAN IoT connectivity is your thing, you’re going to love it.

Tomorrow we will announce the first of many milestones - and it’s a big one! You’ll be the first to hear about it. We have so much to share with the community that has followed us with loyalty as we have evolved, and with the wider Internet of Things industry. And for those looking for instant ways to engage with Weightless-N, well your wait is nearly over - we’ll be sharing those details soon. How about other Weightless standards? Yup, they’re coming too, and sooner than you think.

But in the meantime we wanted to share some developments within the organisation itself.


First things first. You’re already on the new look Weightless website. We made this change to reflect our evolution - it’s a slimmed down, optimised site dedicated to communicating what matters to you simply and clearly. We’ve also made it easier to engage as a Weightless SIG Member. Want to sign up easily and quickly, no problem, we’re about to launch a completely online registration process. We’ll be in touch about this very soon.


The Weightless proposition and the associated communications are set to grow exponentially and we want to keep you up to speed on developments. We’ll be doing this through email - like the one you just clicked. These will all be concise and relevant and we’ll not be subjecting your inbox to a denial of service attack. The topics will be obvious so you can choose to engage or not by clicking for more information - like this that you are currently reading. Don’t worry, they will generally be single issue topics and shorter than this one! And if it’s all too much, well you can always choose to leave us - we’ll instantly respect all unsubscribe requests and our system will intelligently handle email bounces. We’ll be sharing information about Weightless technology, about its adoption, about the Weightless SIG itself and about how we can help you make the most of your association with our community. And from time to time we’ll also be making offers that are specific to you as a subscriber, valuable offers that are not open to casual visitors to the website.

Weightless SIG membership

When the Weightless SIG was first conceived in 2010 there were two types of Members; companies helping to develop Weightless technology (Core) and companies adopting Weightless technology (Associate). That’s what you would expect of a technology SIG just starting out. But things move on and as the community has matured, an ecosystem with different needs has emerged. We’ve listened and we have structured our membership around these needs. We’ll shortly be introducing these formally as membership categories in which you can register but let’s have a quick sneak peak into what’s happening.

The Weightless SIG is a non-profit, member based open standards organisation. It exists to manage the development and royalty free licensing of connectivity technology for the IoT industry. But we we’re a progressive group and strive to serve our community with value added services. That’s why you’ll find us connecting people in new ways to help developers bring Weightless product to market faster and more cost effectively. We’re committed to driving our ecosystem forward through sophisticated IT mechanisms that connect customers to suppliers of whatever you need to make your project happen. So, buyer or seller, product or service, if you’re in the Internet of Things industry, there’s a Weightless membership for you. Read on to find out which…

Weightless Associate

At the heart of the Weightless SIG community are the Associate Members. These are the developers that create tomorrow’s IoT products. This membership category, of course, will remain central to the Weightless SIG. If you want to develop a low power, wide area network IoT product then you need to be an Associate Member.

Weightless Core

When a new standards organisation is conceived the first and most important component of its membership is a cohort of companies with resource and expertise to contribute to the difficult development work. For Weightless technology we call these Core Members. So, standards launched, ready to go, no need for more Core Members then. No! Open Standards are about competition and innovation and that means that technologies keep evolving to meet the needs of a progressive ecosystem. Does the publication of v1.0 of a Standard mark the end of development? Not at all - it is the end of the beginning. If you want to participate in and influence the process of developing Weightless technologies then you need to be a Core Member.

New membership categories

We’re introducing three new types of Member: Operator, Expert and Vendor. We’ll be providing a lot more information in the coming weeks but for now, here’s a quick synopsis.

Weightless Operator

You’re a network operator, or you want to be a network operator - Weightless makes it possible. Register as a Weightless Operator, deploy your own network and invite users to connect to it. We’ll even publicise it for you and direct users to you.

Weightless Expert

You’re a design company, or your company provides design support services and consultancy to developers - there’s a membership category for you. Sign up as a Weightless Expert and we’ll put you together with the developers that need some help with their projects.

Weightless Vendor

Got a product to sell - modules, antennas, low leakage batteries? If it’s relevant to the Weightless developer community then this is your shop window. Join the Weightless Vendor community and we’ll consistently put your products right in front of the developers who need them.  

Enough already with the words - standby for tomorrow’s announcement.


Alan Woolhouse
Team Weightless