Developing with Weightless-P

The future of LPWAN

Weightless-P is much more than a simple alternative to inferior proprietary IoT connectivity technologies. It is measurably better in every key design respect - better in ways that affect real users and developers, better for you. Basing your IoT design on Weightless-P technology is a commitment to next generation performance and a future proofed commercial platform.

So how is Weightless-P different? We have created a detailed description of the technology running to some 10000+ words to explain. Prefer a shorter summary? Don't worry, included in the report are details of 8 core features your IoT technology must support - your quick guide to the essential elements of a successful LPWAN product design. We include sections on:

  • Cost
  • Capacity
  • Open Standard
  • Power
  • QoS
  • Range
  • Reliability
  • Security

For those ready for a deep dive into the detail, the LPWAN Technology Decisions: 17 critical features paper provides in-depth analysis of the competitive advantages that differentiate Weightless-P from alternative proprietary technologies. We explain in detail how Weightless-P moves the IoT connectivity game on, offering carrier grade performance measurably ahead of ordinary LPWAN technologies. 

In each section we set out precisely how Weightless-P addresses common issues for IoT connectivity developers. We also provide comprehensive additional technical detail, sent separately over the coming weeks, on the core differentiation from every other technology. If you're a developer and want to understand the nuts and bolts of Weightless-P technology, download the paper today and receive the detailed technology breakdown in 15 separate chapters.

  • FDMA+TDMA in 100kHz & 12.5kHz narrow band channels offer optimal capacity for uplink-dominated traffic from a large number of devices with moderate payload sizes
  • Operates over the whole range of license-exempt sub-GHz ISM/SRD bands for global deployment: 433/470/780/868/915/923MHz
  • Adaptive power control and data rate from 625bps to 100kbps to optimise radio resource usage depending on device link quality
  • Time-synchronised base stations and flexible channel assignment for efficient radio resource scheduling and utilisation in large-scale deployments
  • Supports paging capability, both network-originated and device-originated traffic
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Cell re-selection (handover, roaming)
  • Fully acknowledged communications
  • Supports narrowband channels (12.5KHz) with frequency hopping for robustness to multi-path and narrowband interference
  • Supports licensed spectrum operation
  • Power consumption in idle state when stationary below 100uW
  • AES-128 authentication and encryption
  • Support for over-the-air firmware upgrade and security key negotiation or replacement
  • Brings the reliability and performance of cellular technologies at a fraction of the cost by avoiding any legacy or backward-compatibility concerns
  • Ensures interoperability between the manufacturers
  • Provides for multivendor support to stimulate ongoing innovation and minimise end user costs
  • Royalty free IP minimises production costs

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